Flexiglaze Nails Lashes and Brows and Flexigloss  gel polish

FLEXIBLE semi permanent nail  coatings for nails, lashes and brows.

Flexiglaze Nails -Click Here Stop Splits, Prevent Peeling, Forget Flaking Forever, lasts up to 2 weeks once applied

Flexiglaze Lashes - Click Here  Thicken , lengthen, nourishes, lasts up to 2 weeks once applied.  FAQ’S

Flexiglaze Brows  -Retail- Click Here  Define, shapes, lasts up to 2 weeks once applied

Flexiglaze Brows Professional plus Training  – Click Here. Professional application, maintenance free

Flexigloss one coat gel polish, lasts up to 2 weeks once applied


A FLEXIBLE  glaze for nails .  Moves with the nail to prevent breakages.  LASTS UP TO TWO WEEKS once applied.  Will NOT peel as is NOT A GEL.  NO  lamps needed.  Apply 1-3 thin coats


Use as a base with FLEXIGLOSS HIGH PIGMENT one step gel polish.  Strength and colour with our system.

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Flexiglaze's photo.Flexiglaze's photo.

The worlds first and only FLEXIBLE nail resin.    Flexiglaze is NOT a normal resin as used in fibreglass nails, it has our uniquely flexible trade secret formula.

Nail Strengthener, simple brush on application.  Flexible enough to suit many nail types.

Introducing  an INSTANT nail strengthener solution that works with FLEXIBILITY BUILT IN, so moves with the natural nail to help prevent breakages. NO peeling or tackiness as is not a gel.    Use alone or under gel polish or nail lacquer. No other product in the world like Flexiglaze!   Flexiglaze will be questioned as it is new ground breaking technology, but what gives Flexiglaze it’s unique characteristic flexibility is our trade secret flexible formula. Is a nail strengthener that does not come off with acetone free polish remover, so clients can change their nail lacquer without it affecting Flexiglaze.


Flexiglaze is unique and different and very clever technology. It is not to to be compared with or in competition with any other product or service you may have.  We have all known for years that coatings make nails stronger- guaranteed.  If your clients don’t want the acrylic or gel overlays, or if gel peels on them then Flexiglaze is for you.

 Great for hair salons too, as a NEW profitable service to offer.


 Can use under gel polish, and as Flexiglaze stops peeling this will assist the gel polish.

No need to remove if you do not want,  as Flexiglaze is SO thin looking you can just buff down and reapply,


No need for different formulas for different nail types, as it will act as flexible as needed for that clients nails.  No need for a ‘system’, so saving money.  Dries naturally if required – 1 coat  1 minute – 2 coats, approx 3 minutes – 3 coats,  approx 8-10 minutes.  Or dries INSTANTLY with our dry spray.


Flexiglaze does not need to penetrate the nail plate to do the job it does.  Flexiglaze is SO thin you will hardly notice it is there.

More clients are now beginning to realise that their nails  need more help than just a gel polish  can give.


As Flexiglaze  is a nail hardener or nail strengthener that fits between a treatment and an overlay, it may attract new clients for you.  Many clients are wanting to go back to natural nails, but need extra strength, without the thickness.   Well now they can and Flexiglaze is a perfect NEW fast salon service, ideal for your customers who need that extra strength to their natural nails, whilst maintaining nail flexibility.  Flexiglaze is CLEAR and can be worn alone or go under any nail polish or gel polish. 


Offer a new service to ex nail extension wearers or nail biters with damaged nails.

Eliminates the problem  if clients are allergic to gels.   Flexiglaze has a high temperature and humidity resistance, and is water repellent.


Flexiglaze will not peel or shrink and no need to ‘scrub’ layers into nail plate.  Just apply as easy as a nail hardener type polish.


Add Flexiglaze to your nail and beauty ‘packages’.  Your clients will be delighted and so will you.


Flexiglaze can be offered as a weekly or 2 or 3 weekly treatment, depending on client requirements.  Just soak off in less than 8 minutes with Flexiglaze unique moisturising remover and replace or just buff down and reapply.  That is up to you.


It is an honest product that genuinely strengthens and coats natural nails.


Available for use by Nail Technicians or Salons.   Flexiglaze courses are available if required contact us for details.  No training required for nail techs or manicurists.  Flexiglaze is a unique and new nail hardener that applies like a nail hardener polish, BUT lasts up to 2 weeks.


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Product Benefits

  • NO lights required to dry product
  • NO peeling or shrinkage
  • NO tacky layer
  • NO thickness
  • NO curing each layer
  • NO training is required for existing techs
  • Flexiglaze Kit Contains:

  • 8 gram Flexiglaze
  • 50ml dry spray
  • 50ml moisturising remover
  • Instruction sheet
  • Kit contains enough products for around 12 sets
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